J.R.R. Tolkien Music preview


Here is a peek at a couple of songs based on lyrics of J.R.R. Tolkien, music composed by Veronica Metz.

1 ~ Beside The Fire
2 ~ Elvenhymn
3 ~ The Fall of Gil Galad

Concerten van onze "Lord of the Rings" muziek zijn te boeken via deze link.


Emily Brontë Music CD ~ Celtic Music Magazine review

"This CD is a real treat. I was immediately struck by the vocals--the angelic voice that was singing so crystal clear. Anois is Gaelic for "now," and although I'm not sure why they chose this name, you do find yourself lost in the moment when you are listening to the songs here. You can hear the influence of Celtic singers such as Enya and Loreena McKennitt, but there is a magical, fairie-like tone to this album that sets it apart." ~ review by Catherine L. Tully for Celtic Music Magazine (read the entire review here).

This CD is filled with beautiful poems of Emily Brontë (from "Wuthering Heights" fame), put to music by Anois. The CD (with 22 page full colour booklet) can be ordered by filling out the order form.

Read a review (in Dutch) and see a slide show of our cd presentation on the Brontë-website: www.brontes.nl

Playlist CD "Emily Brontë"

1 ~ How Clear She Shines
2 ~ Song (My Lady's Dreams) - LISTEN
3 ~ Remembrance
4 ~ I Know Not How
5 ~ Stars - LISTEN
6 ~ Spellbound
7 ~ Cathy's Theme
8 ~ The Wanderer
10~ Tell Me
11~ Lullaby - LISTEN
12~ Silent Is The House
13~ Last Words
14~ No Coward Soul

Out of the blue, we found this nice promo of the Emily Brontë CD in our mailbox made by our friend Rene Jansen. Rene thank you very much!